About The Exhibition

The capacity of nations to favorably compete in the global SMEs market depends on their ability to innovate and apply the relevant mechanism to SMEs development and other productive sub-sectors. The willingness to propel and sustain the development and growth of this sector requires serious support in terms of investment generation, enabling environment, sharing of knowledge and innovation that meets the demands of our society as well as to fosters stability of the sector development according to the basic international standards in development goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which has the eradication of global poverty as its optimum mandate. However, the ability of the SMEs stakeholders across the globe to utilize the appropriate technology, Ideas and Innovation for the development of MSMEs subsectors will be a gateway to the economics of the continent.

Event Objectives

The objective is to find practical solutions to practical problems that can be financed.

Specific objectives of the programmed include:

  • Promotion of global investment and trade development in SMEs subsector within Africa and across the globe.
  • Spotlight the evolution of Africa SMEs market place.
  • Increase foreign direct investment.
  • Promote accelerated development for SMEs in Africa nations.
  • Taking stock of the implementation of the Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA) (taking into account emerging areas and contributions of African Expo to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),
  • Building on the experiences and lessons learned with regard to training and education for innovation for inclusive development;
  • Promoting the role of policy measures including financing in promoting innovation and innovation related research;
  • Encouraging the role of research and development in public and private entities in promoting technical innovation;
  • Exploring the role of innovation in the informal sector (including local knowledge) and the possibilities of harnessing its roles.

Event Format


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